Nobody's immune to what life throws at us. What can we do? 

Eat the right things to give our body it's best chance in its battle against stress

We are living through a pandemic...Yet still, deadlines are fast approaching, your bff is going through it and oh no! You're almost out of toilet paper. Say hello to stress. But, before you reach for that tub of ice cream or bag of potato chips, there's a much better way of dealing with the pressure- adaptogens.


Adaptogens are herbs that help our bodies in reacting to or recovering from both short and long-term physical or mental stress. Some can also boost immunity and overall well-being. Research shows adaptogens can combat fatigue, enhance mental performance, ease depression and anxiety, and help you thrive.


Maca Powder -

Maca is an herb native to Peru that's been used for centuries and for good reason. A powerful adaptogen because of it's ability to balance hormones, improve energy levels, stamina, focus and sexual health.

Maca is found in our comforting euphoric blend, energizing fuel blend and protecting golden blend!


Goji Berry Powder -

Goji berries are a great source of vitamins A, C, fiber, iron, zinc and contain all the essential amino acids. This helps maintain good immune function. They also help boost energy, physical and mental performance, calmness, and your sense of well-being. They are also known to improve sleep quality.

Our berry exotic blend has both red and black goji berry! Our golden and fuel blend also contains red goji berry.


Raw Cacao Powder -

Cacao is loaded with antioxidants, calcium, iron and magnesium. Above all, they are a natural mood elevator and a healthy way to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Cacao is the main ingredient in our euphoric blend.


Acai Berry Powder -

Acai palms are native to the rainforests of South America. They are rich in vitamin A, good fats and loaded with antioxidants which help neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals throughout the body.

Our berry exotic blend has organic acai berry!


Camu Camu Berry Powder -

Camu camu berries are rich in vitamin C among other nutrients. They serve as a powerful antioxidant in your body and improve health of your skin and immune system. 

Sour and tart on its own, but blends wonderfully with the other ingredients in our protecting golden blend!


Adaptogens come in really handy when you want to give your body that boost in its battle against life's stresses.

To get the best out of them:

1.  Take them early or mid-day- Before 3 pm, to align with the body’s natural rhythms. Calming adaptogens like acai and cacao can be taken during the day or before bed.

2. Get creative with how you incorporate these superfood adaptogens into your diet- A spoonful into your smoothies, yogurt bowl, oatmeal, juice, water, baked with, sprinkled over- whatever your creative mind can come up with!

3. Rotate them- It's always best to nourish our body using a wide variety of foods everyday. When it comes to our blends, we love using different blends throughout the day and cycle them every few days. Example: berry smoothie with green and golden blend in the morning and a mango smoothie with the berry exotic blend at night or a strawberry-banana euphoric blend smoothie. 

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