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Looking to reduce anxiety and the effects of stress?

Avoid these foods that trigger anxiety 

Research shows that inflammation may be the underlying cause of many diseases. Yet, people continue to munch on inflammatory foods everyday. 

We are guilty of it too... Candy, Instant noodles, Coffee...

But then our bodies are quick to respond through physical and mental symptoms of inflammation like fatigue, sluggishness and bouts of anxiety.

To combat this, we start munching on nutrient-rich foods and soon enough, we start to feel like our healthy selves again.

Most people experience the effects and symptoms of inflammatory foods on the daily, yet ignore their body signals and instead subject it to more inflammation by trying to counteract these symptoms with sugar, caffeine and alcohol. ⁣

Listen to your body!

And ditch the inflammatory foods and drinks (Or atleast make an effort to reduce it).
Just doing this alone will begin to limit the effects of stress euphoric blend

The most common foods that trigger anxiety are:

○ Sugar
○ Dairy
○ Gluten
○ Stimulants (Coffee, Energy Drinks)


Eating simple sugars like the ones found in soda and candy are broken down and released into the blood very quickly. Commonly referred to as a "sugar rush", this sudden increase in blood sugar leads to a spike in insulin. White it gives you instant gratification, it can leave you feeling shaky and fatigued afterwards.

Eat foods with a low GI (Glycemic Index) , which means foods that are digested slowly. To satisfy that sweet tooth, whip out your blender and whup up a smoothie using frozen fruits and use a spoonful of our blends for the extra benefits. 


Hormonal Imbalance? Skin problems, mood swings, constipation, fatigue, irratibility, anxiety. These are just a few signs of hormonal imbalances within our body. The foods you eat can either disrupt your hormones and cause inflammation, or help balance your hormones and soothe irritation.

And no, chances are you won’t suffer from a calcium deficiency if you cut out or even reduce your milk intake! Cow’s milk has a very specific makeup, intended to help a calf grow. And is filled with hormones that interfere with our own hormones when we drink it. This hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc on your anxiety. 

Don’t be afraid to explore dairy-free options. Try using almond milk in your next smoothie. You'd be surprised at how good it is!


There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding gluten, a protein found in wheat.

Bread, for example, has become so processed today that the gluten it contains can cause inflammation in your gut. And inflammation can cause anything from stomach cramps, bloating to mood issues including depression and anxiety.

There are many gluten-free options these days, but most don’t contain the best ingredients.
In fact, sugar is a common ingredient in gluten-free products as it adds taste!

So be sure to check the label when looking for products.


This doesn't apply to people with a high sensitivity to caffeine or other stimulants. Because if you are highly sensitive to stimulants, chances are, you steer clear (Well and good!) 

But for those looking for that mid-day (or mid-night) energy boost, think twice before you reach for that energy drink. Why? Because energy drinks or energy shots are a dangerous combination of stimulants, sugar and other additives that can be detrimental to our bodies over time while causing almost immediate bouts of anxiety.

Try getting to the root of problem of your mid-day fatigue. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you eating a balanced diet? Is it time for a lifestyle change? You'd be surprised at what eating slightly more fruits & veggies does for your body.

Or you could try our fuel blend. Made with just 5 of the worlds most energizing and nutritious superfoods and that's it- no added sugar. Add it to your next smoothie or bowl of yogurt and feel the difference. 

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