Hey everyone, 

Just a brief message to check in and speak to everyone at a time like this. Totally understand why you might be feeling anxious, stressed, confused, uncertain or even bored given our current situation.

There's alot that's out of our control at the moment, however there are a few things we CAN do in order to ensure everyone's safety and most importantly- that our body is at it's best.

- Be sanitary by cleaning living areas and washing hands regularly
- Practice 'self-distancing'- Stay home as much as possible, avoid crowds
- Stay active- Go for walks, do in-home yoga, stretches, workouts
- Eat healthy- It's never been more important to get all our nutrients in and our superfood blends were made to help with that

Here's what we've been upto:

1. We have been building up inventory. With demands way higher than expected, we can’t guarantee that everything will be in stock at all times, however we will do everything we can to keep these essential immunity boosting superfood blends available! Ps. They have a 24 month shelf life!

2. Orders at the moment ship FREE over $50 (bundles with 3 blends or more) and arrive between 2-7 business days and we do our best to get the blends to you as fast as we can. Our warehouses have doubled down on the amount of daily cleanings and disinfecting of all areas, procuring protective gear. 

3. We promise prices won’t go up. Many retailers/companies are increasing prices on high demand items, but we actually discounted our Health & Immunity Bundles and ship for FREE, to make the blends more affordable, as it’s more important than ever that everyone is getting their nutrients in.

Remember, wants to make healthy eating fun & easy for you, so feel free to reach out for support. We have extended support hours to include evenings and weekends!

Here's are some recent customer messages that I would like to share: 

"I  just stocked up on my favorite superfood blends. Such a great reminder to take care of our bodies by using these blends to make healthy smoothies and foods everyday." 
- Nicole S.

"These blends have been really convenient since we've been home for an extended period of time now. I don't have to stress about not having all kinds of fresh veggies and fruit on hand. Today I didn't have any kale or spinach, Not a problem, just added a spoonful of the green blend to my morning smoothie. I've been using your products for the past few months and I feel so good. I want to keep my family healthy and I know this will help."
- Maddie N.

Take Care,

Lee W. Yu

Icon for Smoov consisting of 3 circles- green, orange and purple, intersecting in the middle.

daily routine

Here's our daily regimen of
health & immunity
boosting superfoods:

Green smoothie bowl made using Smoov's green blend. It is thick, vibrant green and topped off with blueberries, pomegranate seeds, mango and decorative grass.

Morning boost

green smoothie

To get a head start to our day, we like to do one of two things, make a green smoothie OR have chocolate-y mood boosting oatmeal. 

We enjoy our green and golden blend in a delicious tropical green smoothie:

○ 1-2 tsp green blend
○ 1 tsp golden blend
○ 1 cup frozen mango
○ 1 small frozen banana
○ 1 cup water or milk

Optional: 1/2 cup pineapple, spinach leaves, apple

On day's when we want a LOW-SUGAR option, we make our creamy green peanut butter smoothie. Recipe found here

Vibrant blue smoothie bowl made using Smoov's wave blend. It is a vibrant hue of aqua blue, thick and creamy in consistency and topped off with raspberries, blueberries and slices of dragonfruit.



Mid-day heat calls for some of our thirst-quenching, nutrient-packed summer favourites using our blush or golden blend:

Strawberry Watermelon Blushie
Mango Immunity Smoothie
Healthy Candy Apple Smoothie
Pink Tropical Nice Cream

On days where we fall short on time, we’ll sip on berry water (1 tsp berry exotic blend mixed in a glass of water and sweetened with honey) or take Immunity Shots (1 tsp green blend + ½ cup water + fresh lemon juice OR 1 tsp golden blend + ½ cup water- both sweetened with honey).

We also enjoy mixing a tsp of the green, berry exotic or golden blend into a cup of peach yogurt or sprinkling them over some frozen mangos, as a healthy snack!

evening therapy


To reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep, while satisfying our cravings, we like to do one of two things:

Make a euphoric latte (1 tbsp euphoric into 1/4 cup boiling water, topped off with 3/4 cup warm oat milk, sweetened with maple syrup).

We also like to prep some cold overnight oats for a yummy breakfast the next day!


Make a sweet antioxidant-packed berry smoothie:

○ 1 tsp berry exotic blend
○ 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
○ 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
○ 1 banana
○ 1 cup water

Optional: 1 tsp golden blend for added immune support

A smoothie bowl where the bowl is a coconut shell. It is made with a dash of Smoov's blush blend and thick and creamy in consistency and topped off with sliced strawberries.



green blend: A handful of fresh greens in every spoonful to help flush toxins and boost health and immunity

berry exotic blend: Antioxidants from the mos nutritious cold-dried fruits to help manage stress and aging

golden blend: Vitamin A and C packed to help build and improve immune system function

euphoric blend: A healthy way to satisfy cravings and boost mood instantly!

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A bright vibrant smoothie bowl made using Smoov's green blend. It's thick and creamy in consistency and topped off with mangoes, blackberries, cherries, coconut and mint leaves.