Functional Recipes | Plant-based Superfoods - Healthy & Fun -

  • Warm Wave Latte

    This is the perfect drink to add to your day. A vibrant and nutritious cup filled with spice and everything nice!
  • Quick Euphoric Overnight Oats

    The easiest and best way to start your day is with some overnight oats on hand. This cup will leave you satisfied and energized,
  • Euphoric Christmas Cookies - Vegan

    Tis the perfect time of year to get baking🎄 Fill your holiday treat tray with something new and exciting- nutritious & 100% plant based chocolate cookies!
  • Euphoric Hot Chocolate

    We looked far and hard to find the perfect cup to put this delicious drink in. And there's none better to describe it- a cup of cozy!☕🎄
  • Red Velvet Smoothie

    Don’t want to wait for dessert? You don’t need to! This decadent red velvet smoovie makes a great breakfast or dessert snack. Happy blending!
  • Double Berry Bliss Bites

    Whether you’re on-the-go, or in-between meetings, these double berry bliss balls make the perfect midday snack. Best of all? They can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge for later.
  • Healthy Holiday Chocolate Bark

    These are exciting times- the holidays are almost here and it’s time to make bark! Chocolate bark with a super twist- loaded with mood boosting ingredients like cacao, energizing superfoods like MCT's from coconut, maca to help balance hormones & more🍫 
  • Asian Salad Bowl

    A light, flavourful, nutritious & energizing lunch recipe. The dressing uses our fuel blend and has natural caffeine from the guarana seeds- which means no more afternoon slumps! 🔥
  • Energizing Apple Pie Smoovie

    🥧 There's nothing more comforting than an apple pie, so we've taken this classic and turned it into something your body could really use on a weekday- a nutritious, energizing & delicious smoovie! 🔥
  • Best Chocolate Oatmeal - Warm Oats Breakfast Recipe

    This is for you if you're looking for a chocolatey weekday morning boost or a breakfast treat on the weekend. Loaded with mood boosting ingredients like cacao, energizing superfoods like guarana, maca to help balance hormones & more🍫
  • Creamy Cacao Superfood Latte

    🍫Calling all chocolate lovers. Kick your cravings to the curb and up your energy naturally with this creamy latte. It's packed with natural mood boosters like cacao and energizing ingredients like mesquite, MCTs and guarana seeds (the same stuff in energy drinks- without the other stimulants and additives) 

  • Halloween Fuel Dessert

    🎃 Taking the little ones trick or treating? Then you're going to need all the energy this dessert provides! This completely plant based halloween themed dessert was made by the super talented Aga (@dayliciousdilemmas) 🌱